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William Cook Printmaker Northwest Fine Art Artist
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What is your relationship to nature?


Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve always been in awe of the natural world and our place within it.

I revel at our towering native trees, endlessly reaching for the daylight, and I delight in the quiet but essential existence of our smaller, humbler inhabitants.

In my art practice, I attempt to draw your attention, reconnect you, and maybe even allow you to find a new appreciation for all that grows and lives here in the Northwest and beyond, including ourselves.

Hello! I’m William!


I’ll be honest, I didn’t go to art school. I have little to no formal training as a visual artist. Instead, I spent a good part of my life as a touring musician up until the arrival of my children. It was around then that I fell in love with printmaking after commissioning a printmaker to design an album cover for my old band.

Since then, I’ve obsessively poured myself into learning the many forms of printmaking, from relief to intaglio to collagraph to monotype. The latter of which felt much like coming home, artistically speaking.

The medium of monotype allows me to express myself in a manner not dissimilar to the way writing, recording, and performing music once did. I find that the loose, pliable manner of the monotype means I can simultaneously work within the structure of a formula as I would through verse and chorus. It also allows me to approach my subject matter with a certain degree of abstraction and improvisation, much the way I would have interacted musically with other performers.

In the end, I find that both thoughtful and spontaneous printed layers of ink may often result in an image that, like a song, can transport you to a place of better understanding and appreciation – be it flora, fauna, the landscape, or us.

My hope is that having experienced my art, you too will come away with a sense of awe for the natural world, and your place within it.

Trillium Flower Pacific Northwest Fine Art Print Monotype Printmaker
Monotype Fine Art Print Figurative



I was born and have lived my life here in the Pacific Northwest. After many years as a song writer, recording artist, and performer, I switched professions to raise my two children and pursue my art practice throughout the Seattle area.

I now live on Tiger Mountain here in Issaquah, Washington with my wife and children, and have been enjoying teaching many different forms of printmaking to all ages at my wife’s music and arts school Happy Time Studio.

I’m also now learning to express myself through acrylic paint and look forward to sharing my acrylic paintings with the world very soon. Stay tuned!

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